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Dental care is important for pets too!

Dental health has become a hot topic. Research has found connections between dental disease and heart, liver and kidney disease. It all begins with the cycle of dental plaque.  Plaque builds up on the surface of the teeth and gums. Bacteria in plaque irritate gum tissue and can lead to infection and decay. If left to accumulate, calcium salts from saliva will deposit and help form calculus. Calculus is hard and rough, and will continue to accumulate. Typically calculus needs to be removed with a dental scaler. At Animal World we have a Dentalaire unit to clean and polish teeth. We also have a Corix X-ray unit to help further diagnose problems that are hidden under the gums.



Teeth Brushing Bad Breath Stages of Dental Disease





Dental X-Ray Unit

Dentalaire Scaler/ Drill Unit


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Our older male cat, and my pal, Fu stopped eating and was clearly losing weight. An examination by Dr. Tanya indicated that there was some sort of solid in his stomach. It turned out he had a growth in his intestine that was mostly blocking the flow of nutrients. Tanya's surgery was risky but she removed the part with the growth and put him on a special diet. He's back to his normal weight and attitude and cuddled up next to me on my recliner as I type this. Five stars plus. -Craig Jungers 

Moses Lake, WA

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